Fuori Emilia

XXth European Symposium of Medieval Logic and Semantics

Medieval Theories of Relations

University of Cambridge, 12-16 June 2014

The study of relations, in the history and philosophy of logic, plays an important role in the shift from the traditional paradigm of Aristotelian logic, primarily centred around an idea of analysis of language in terms of the subject-predicate distinction, to the new conceptual framework emerging at the end of the XIXth and at the beginning of the XXth century with the progressive mathematisation of logic.

logic of relations

The purpose of this conference is to contribute to a deeper, multi-disciplinary, understanding of how this process developed over time, by bringing together specialists with a diversified range of competencies in logic, analytic philosophy, linguistics, history of science, philology, medieval Latin and Arabic-Islamic studies. Although the core of the conference will be made of papers focused on logic and semantics, it will also explore how these logical discussions were linked to wider philosophical concerns, and the participants will be encouraged to keep the similarities to and differences from logic today constantly in view.


J. Marenbon (Trinity College)
T. Street (Clare Hall College)
R. Strobino (Clare Hall College)

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