The Practical Value of Truth in Kant, Bolzano and Wittgenstein

Domani 19 febbraio, all’università di Bologna (Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione) si terrà un seminario dal titolo “The Practical Value of Truth in Kant, Bolzano and Wittgenstein”. Il relatore del seminario sarà Nuno Venturinha, dell’Università Nova di Lisbona. Il seminario avrà luogo alle ore 16.00 in Aula Mondolfo (III piano, via Zamboni 38). Qui sotto l’abstract del seminario:

My first aim in this paper is to discuss the criticism made by Bolzano of the Kantian concept of Fürwahrhalten, literally “holding” – or “taking” – “for true”, as well as the scepticism he identifies in Kant’s transcendental philosophy, which, I shall argue, is already practically-oriented. What I want to do next is to concentrate on Wittgenstein’s confrontation with, and assimilation of, the notion of Fürwahrhalten. Assuming in the 1930s and 1940s a forceful criticism of Frege’s anti-psychologism, one that has its roots in Bolzano, Wittgenstein claims that the only way to avoid non-psychological acts is to restrict ourselves to abstract logical entities. In all our day-to-day business with experience we are already holding the multiple bits for true as long as grammatical rules are followed.

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