Fuori Emilia

Brain and the lexicon. An international conference in Turin.

On September 21 and 22, the University of Turin will host the international conference “BRAIN AND THE LEXICON“, organized by the Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition.
The conference will be in Palazzo del Rettorato (via Verdi 8, Turin).

Below you can find the complete program of the two days.

Monday, SEPTEMBER 21

9.15 – Greetings: Gianmaria AJANI (Rector, Università di Torino), Massimo FERRARI (Director of the Department of Philosophy and Education, Università di Torino), Diego MARCONI (Coordinator of project The role of visual imagery in lexical processing, funded by Compagnia di Sanpaolo).

Gabriella VIGLIOCCO (University College London)
On the representation of abstract concepts and words

11.15 – Coffee Break

Matthew LAMBON-RALPH (University of Manchester)
The roles of anterior temporal regions in semantic cognition: Convergent clinical and neuroscience data

13.00 – Lunch Break

Friedemann PULVERMÜLLER (Freie Universität Berlin)
From concepts to lexical semantics – Is there a benefit?

16.15 – Coffee Break

Diego MARCONI (Università di Torino)
Work on the dual structure of lexical semantic competence

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 22

Guido GAINOTTI (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Roma)
Is the abstraction capacity due to the amodal format of conceptual representations or to the power of language?

10.45 – Coffee Break

David KEMMERER (Purdue University, West Lafayette)
On the need to distinguish word meanings and nonlinguistic concepts in cognitive neuroscience

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