Later Medieval Logic and Metaphysics. A Parma il 26 e 27 Novembre

Giovedì 26 e venerdì 27 novembre, il dipartimento A.L.E.F. dell’Università di Parma ospiterà il workshop in Logica e Metafisica Medievale. Il workshop, organizzato dal professor Fabrizio Amerini si terrà in aula K5 (via d’Azeglio 85, Parma).

Studenti e docenti sono invitati a partecipare.

Qui sotto tutto il programma degli interventi.


NOVEMBER 26, 2015

14:00 I. BININI (SNS, Pisa): Natures, Individuals and Possibilities in Abelard’s Theory of Modality

14:45 L. VALENTE (University of Roma “La Sapienza”): “Res”, “Aliquid” and “Propositio Duplex” in the XII-Century Theology

15:30 Coffee-break
15:45 S. EBBESEN (University of Copenhagen): Logic for Beginners. Some Reflections on Three Closely Related Commentaries on Peter of Spain from 13th Century Montpelier

16:30 C. RODE (University of Bonn): Peter of John Olivi on the Ontology of Signification

17:15 Coffee-break
17:30 C. MARMO (University of Bologna): Radulphus Brito on the “Ars Vetus”

NOVEMBER 27, 2015

A. D. CONTI (University of L’Aquila): Substance in Boethius’s Commentary on the Categories

10:30 J. PELLETIER (Leuven University): Aspects of Chatton’s Thoughts on Categories

11:15 Coffee-break
11:30 C. PANACCIO (UQAM): Ockham on Differentia

12:15 M. MUGNAI (SNS, Pisa): Saccheri’s Demonstrative Logic and the Scholastic Tradition

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