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Conferenza SILFS 2017. Dal 20 al 23 giugno a Bologna

SILFS 2017

Triennial International Conference

of the Italian Society

for Logic and Philosophy of Science

Bologna, Italy, 20-23 June 2017

SILFS 2017, the triennial international conference of the Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science, will be held at the Department of Philosophy and Communication of the University of Bologna, 20-23 June 2017, via Azzo Gardino 23.

The programme of the conference is online:

Invited speakers
  • Giovanna D’Agostino (Università di Udine)
  • Francesco Guala (University of Milan)
  • Eleanor Knox (King’s College London)
  • Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter) joint invitation with BIOM (Società Italiana di Storia, Filosofia e Studi Sociali della Biologia e della Medicina)
  • Jan von Plato (University of Helsinki)
  • Dag Westerståhl (University of Stockholm)


  • Classical and Non-classical Logics
  • Computational Logic and Applications of Logic
  • Foundations of Logic and Mathematics
  • Formal Philosophy of Science and Formal Epistemology
  • General Philosophy of Science
  • Historical Aspects of Logic
  • Historical Aspects in the Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysical Issues in the Philosophy of Science
  • Methodology
  • Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences
  • Philosophy of Cognition
  • Philosophy of Logic
  • Philosophy of Medicine
  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Philosophy of the Life Sciences
  • Philosophy of the Physical Sciences
  • Proof Theory
  • Semantic Aspects of Logic

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